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In the Zhongshan city, Zhongshan Sunka Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., with its excellent technical strength and unique innovative spirit, is striving to promote the progress and development of lighting technology. Since its establishment on March 30,2021, Sunka lighting has always adhered to the persistent pursuit of technology and enthusiasm for innovation, and gradually emerged in the lighting market.

 The core team of Sunka lighting is composed of a group of experienced and skilled talents. They take innovation as their soul and achieve sustainable development as the goal, constantly explore new technical fields and launch products with market competitiveness. Three krypton lighting products not only perform well in lighting brightness, color reduction, energy consumption and other aspects, but also conduct in-depth exploration and development in intelligent, humanized, environmentally friendly and other aspects.

 Sunka lighting products are exported to overseas, won the love and trust of consumers all over the world. Their products are sold in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia and other regions, and they have achieved good results in various markets. Behind these achievements are Sunka's persistent pursuit of technology and continuous investment in innovation.

 As a technology-driven company, Sunka Lighting Technology Co. is generous in research and development. They have not only invested a lot of resources in hardware development, but also explored in software development and application research. The company's R & D team takes innovation as its own responsibility, constantly challenges technical problems, and promotes the progress and development of lighting technology. At the same time, Sunka lighting also attaches great importance to the cooperation and communication with universities and peers. They actively participate in technical seminars and exhibitions, share their research results and technical ideas with experts and scholars around the world, and absorb new innovative thinking and methodology. These exchanges and collaborations not only enhanced the technical strength of Sunka lighting, but also further consolidated their leading position in the lighting industry.

 As an enterprise with a sense of social responsibility, Sunka Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is pursuing economic benefits, but also actively fulfilling social responsibilities. They are well aware of the interdependence between enterprises and the environment, society and all stakeholders, so they promise to continue to develop environmentally friendly and sustainable lighting products to create a better lighting environment.

 The success of Sunkalighting is no accident. Behind them are countless trials, countless failures and countless persistence. Their research and development team has always maintained their love and dedication to technology, and fulfilled the commitment to innovation with practical actions. Their products and services have won the recognition and trust of the majority of consumers, and set up a new benchmark for the whole lighting industry.

In the future, Sunka Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to take innovation as the lead, with science and technology as the power, and constantly improve the quality and level of products and services. With a more open attitude, they will actively share resources with partners around the world, seek common development and create a better future with partners around the world. We have reason to believe that Sunka lighting will continue to write a new brilliant chapter in the future development.

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